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Date:2009-10-22 20:55
Subject:A What!?!?
Mood: nervous

So it's come to my attention that since I never get a chance to talk to most of the people I have kept in touch with over the years via LJ, outside of LJ, coupled with the fact that I hardly ever post anything new, some interested parties may not yet know that Sue and I are due to have a baby boy Jan 13th...

I know. Crazy.

A little one.

I'm still a little bit in shock myself, and it's been 6 months. I'm not sure it'll be 100% 'real' for me until I see the little bugger, but I am -in total- pretty excited. What's also a bit weird, is I haven't told anyone I work with yet, mostly because I don't like the attention from all the ladies my Mom's age. But I'm starting to realize I should probably tell at least they guy I work with, and my boss, since it might be a bit of a stretch to call in one day in early January and say "I'm going to be out today...having a baby" without any forewarning... That being said, nobody has to worry I won't suddenly go all baby-crazy and post pictures of the lil' one all over here... I'll stick to one life-changing event every few years, interspersed with the occasional odd tech-thing that happens when I'm in a mood to write it down.

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Date:2009-06-06 21:26
Subject:This just made my day...

So I got an instant message today completely out of the blue from an old coworker from Seabreeze, the amusement park I worked at as a teenager. I haven't talked to them since I worked there. Apparently I'm some sort of legend...

*TL stands for Team Leader, basically a supervisor of a particular area.

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Date:2008-07-12 02:10
Subject:RIP iPod Shuffle
Mood: disappointed

My iPod Shuffle is no longer an audio player.
Full story:

R.I.P. iPod Shuffle

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Date:2007-09-18 20:25
Subject:Apple Support is A-OK in my book!

I just have to post this up here, because I have to tell someone, and Sue's still at work!
I'm so thrilled with my trip to the Apple Store. My iPod 30GB Video died a few weeks ago. The little sad/sick iPod guy is all that would display on the screen, and I could no longer feel/hear the HDD spin up when I turned it on.

I took it into the Apple Store tonight, and the genius took a quick look at it, and put in the serial number. I had already checked myself, and saw that it was just a few weeks out of warranty; so I was fully expecting to pay the flat-rate $130 iPod replacement fee. Well, as the genius was starting to fill out his screen, he stopped, looked down at the iPod again, and said to me "I'm sorry, I can't do this. I can't charge you for this iPod, it's only been 3 weeks... How about we just replace it free of charge?" Of course I said yes; after I got my jaw working again!

They had some replacement units in the back, so less than 10 minutes later, I walked out with a brand new replacement iPod for free! I can't imagine any other company that'd do that!

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Date:2007-07-23 23:51
Subject:New Website

I now have a WordPress site setup at antjedi.homeip.net. I’m going to transition over to wordpress in lieu of the program I had been using on my Mac (Rapidweaver), because it was just too buggy, and broke too many things after updates. Also it was hard to maintain all the ‘tweaks’ I wanted to add into it, beyond the very basics…

Almost everything from the old site is on this one. At least most things that mattered.


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Date:2007-07-14 18:07

Today Sue and I went down to the Geneseo Air show. I'd been before when I was a kid in Boy Scouts, but this was Sue's first Airshow. The big attraction for us going down today was that my Uncle John Lebbon flew in for the show with his Biplane! He bought it a few years ago and helped rebuild it. It's in excellent condition and quite a sight! He didn't fly in this years show, because he didn't know he would be able to until it was too late, but maybe next year.

All my Geneseo Air Show 2007 Photos

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Date:2006-12-23 20:08
Subject:Happy Holidays from the Lebbon's

We've had a busy but exciting year getting settled into our new House, Visiting Florida for a Spring Vacation, and Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Niagara Falls, among other things.

2006 Photos

We've got lots of Photos up from the year, and years past as well, if you've never had a chance to browse through them!

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Date:2006-10-29 19:40
Subject:Pumpkin Carving

Click for 2 pictures of our pumpkins this year.

Sue did the Bats over the Moon, and I did the goofy face.

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Date:2006-07-02 20:34
Subject:So we've bought a house!
Mood: optimistic

Ya, Sue and I have put in an offer on a house, and it's been accepted. It's been inspected, so there's not much else left. If nothing weird happens, we'll be moving in August!

It's located in Perinton (Fairport), here:
MSN Maps (note that you can rotate too!)

5 Bedroom; 2.5 bath; Colonial that backs up to a small wooded park area.
I've also put up the realator's pictures...and we'll put up some of our own, after we actually own it, and move in:

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Date:2006-06-05 21:12
Subject:Coke and Mentos Fountain
Mood: amused


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Date:2006-05-20 23:42
Subject:Save the...Internet?

Click to Keep the Intarweb Free & Open.

An example, if you don't.

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Date:2006-04-30 11:24
Subject:Florida Vacation

Well we're back from our trip to Florida! Everything went well for the most part, and we had a great time.

We stayed with Sue's Grandparents in their house in Lakeland, FL about an hour north of Orlando. They live in a retirement community called "The Colonnades". Sue's cousin's also arrived down there a few days before we did, so we were able to spend some time together doing things as a group for the first part of our trip. We flew down on Wednesday, then on Thursday we all went out to a local farmers Market and got fresh Strawberries at the end of the season down there. The next day we all went to Disney World: Magic Kingdom -- my first visit. Luckily we had some quite experienced people to guide me as Sue and her cousins have gone a few times before. We spent Saturday recovering from the extended-hours disney day that lasted 14.5 hours. On Sunday we drove about an hour out past Tampa to the coast. Our destination was Treasure Island Beach. We stayed just long enough to get sunburns on the small areas we failed to get heavy coatings of suntan lotion on (the top of my feet and the back of my knees). On Monday Sue's cousins flew home, and we relaxed around the complex a little bit. On Tuesday Sue and I went with her Grandparents to Epcot. I found Epcot a little less 'magical' and a little more 'commercial' than Magic Kingdom, but that's OK. It was still a fun time! Again we spent the following day recovering. On Thursday we went to a local Park in Lakeland called Alderman Ford Park. We walked a long trail through the woods, and went around the 'boardwalk' through the wilderness. The general point of the park is to see what the native Florida land looked like before it was all developed with condos. Due to a slight misunderstanding of the park map, our short walk turned into a 3.6 mile hike (excluding the long boardwalk loop) as we circumnavigated nearly the entire park! That night we went to a local community theatre play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", performed by the local Pied Piper Players, in Lakeland's community center. That ended our vacation, and on Friday we flew back to Rochester with little incident.

In perhaps the quickest time ever for me from event to having finished the photos...There are pictures online now here:

Around Lakeland

Magic Kingdom

Treasure Island


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Date:2006-04-12 19:25
Subject:This'll Keep 'em Occupied

4-Dimensional Rubik's Cube:

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Date:2006-03-22 19:04
Subject:Level 9 got me...


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Date:2006-03-10 16:49
Subject:Milwaukee, WI
Mood: tired

-2 points for nothing to do/no place to eat around the hotel other than Applebees.
-1 point for Stupid Barbed-wire sliding gate.
-1 point for Rochester-style buildings, weather, and community.
-3 points for flight home to Rochester Canceled.
+.5 point for home delivery of baggage by airline.
-.5 point for possible 8am delivery of baggage.

On Shawn's 20-Point Work Trip Rating Scale™ Milwaukee, WI rates:   

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Date:2006-03-04 09:22
Mood: impressed


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Date:2006-01-30 21:31
Subject:Captain's Log...
Mood: accomplished

Almost entirely caught up with the photos now.

Also, started a new section: Technical Tidbits. It is a space, where I can 'give back' to the Internet. A spot to write-up all those things (problems, jobs, and projects) that I either have to come up with a solution to myself, or have an exceptionally hard time finding answers to online. This is something I've wanted to do for quite awhile now, but have finally gotten around to doing.

I start off the series with something I don't think exists anywhere else online:
How to set and use Custom resolutions in the Warcraft III Demo on a Mac.

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Date:2006-01-17 19:17
Mood: excited

Last piece of my new toy finally came.

Its so beautiful. Not even a single dead pixel out of 2,304,000.

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Date:2005-12-01 22:12
Subject:House Hunting
Mood: thoughtful

So it's come around to that time when we're getting sick of giving money to an apartment-running corporation, and instead are rather considering giving it to a banking-corporation.

Yes folks, that means some sort of house.

Now in my classic 'Shawn can't make a decision to save his life' vein, I ask thee great Internet:

"What should Shawn want in a house?"

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Date:2005-11-01 23:26
Subject:Hello from Calgary, AB Canada
Mood: sleepy

Well I'm in Calgary this week. For work of course, visiting our Calgary office of Rotork. We're working on getting all the systems updated, patched, and running off the proper servers. They've been neglected for awhile, and there's been lots of miss-matched work being done there in the past that needs to be cleaned up the best we can.

The flight up was extra long, because our Air Canada plain in Chicago wasn't able to take off because they were unable to fuel it all the way for some reason, so after an hour of sitting in the plane, they made us all get off, and get on another one! At least it wasn't like the one in Calgary itself a few days before!

Tonight it's snowing...and didn't I just go off and forget my coat on the plane! I called the airline and filed a claim...but I haven't heard back yet...It's now been over a day, and I'm starting to lose hope...

Here's a photo out my window right now:

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